Mano a Mano - Notepad++ vs Textpad

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Lior said...

What's your take on the EditPad Pro (or light) programs? They were quite popular some years ago and I've found they're good for my HTML/javascript work.

As a side note, a factor which matters to me but not to you when I appraise text editing software is support for BiDi, especially support for Hebrew (which is a right-to-left language). It's amazing how many editors don't get this right, which makes it quite hard to create an HTML for a Hebrew web site. Amazingly, though, the simplest program of all, Notepad, has good support.

jimbojw said...

I actually haven't ever used EditPad, though it's been suggested to me several times by collegues. I've heard it has some really great features like built-in FTP connectivity.

I used to use TextPad back in College before I knew of Notepad++, but if I were introduced to it now, I probably wouldn't even try since it's not free. Same goes for EditPad.

I'd certainly be willing to give it a whirl though, if only to write an article detailing its relative merits.

Another editor you might want to try for BiDi is Notepad2 - it aims to maintain most of the simplicity of original Notepad, and so may also have the support you require (I don't know this for sure - just guessing).

Thanks for reading!